Easter Egg Hunt 2022

It’s a bit of a tradition to hold an Easter Egg Hunt each year on Club Penguin Mountains, and this year will be no different! Although Easter is still a little bit later in the month, given that many have started their Spring break already, I thought it’d be best to hold it now.

The prize is a new Club Penguin Spy Pack Kit, though there’ll also be a postcard. The pack contains a variety of things, particularly a case and stylus intended for the Nintendo DS, but it can really be used for anything! You can see an image of the prize below, and it’ll be mailed to the winner.

There are three different eggs hidden across the site! You won’t see the egg until you click the right location, and I must stress that they could be on the homepage or any other page, but not on any old posts; to clarify, pages are the links which you can access from the top navigation menu, such as the Playercard Generator or any of the Mascot Trackers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Figure out where the egg has been located based on the hints below
  2. Go to the location and click that link/image etc.
  3. Type out the secret word which will appear after clicking the egg into the form at the bottom of this post

Here are the hints to where the eggs are…

Egg 1:

“Congratulations” – it will say that…and for passing, you may have a hat!

Egg 2:

Sliding left and right, look at what immediately becomes in your sight.

Egg 3:

Missing from the island for a while, agents should seek the guide to this trial.

Once you’ve found the three eggs, fill out this form to be entered!

The giveaway has now closed! The winner is ITinkyWinkyI – congratulations, and please check your email! See below for the answers to the eggs…

Here is where the eggs were located:

  1. An image on the “Become a Tour Guide” page
  2. The “Learn more” link for the Penguins Around the World part of the slider at the top of the homepage
  3. The Field-Ops button on the right sidebar of the site

The Easter Egg Hunt will close on Saturday 8th April at 10am BST. Best of luck finding the eggs if you choose to enter!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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  • Torres 126

    In order to ensure people don’t have an unfair advantage by analysing something from the comments, I’m going to close them for this post! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions though, and best of luck trying to find the eggs if you choose to participate this year!