Game Upgrades

Located at the Cove on Club Penguin Rewritten is the Catchin’ Waves Game Upgrades catalog, which sells surfboards for you to use in the mini-game, Catchin’ Waves!

You can open the catalog by clicking the blue and white piece of paper which appears on your screen at the bottom right or by the Surf Shack.

There is one secret in this catalog: the Silver Surfboard. You can buy it for 800 coins by clicking the “A” in the word “Waves”. Unlike the other surfboards, this will significantly increase your speed within the game, making it easier to be able to play, so I would highly reccommend purchasing it!


  1. Daisy Surfboard – 400 coins
  2. Flame Surfboard – 400 coins
  3. Silver Surfboard – 800 coins

Total: 1600 coins

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