Game Upgrades

Located in the Ski Lodge, accessible from the Ski Village, the Ice Fishing Game Upgrades catalog contains a special rod which will allow you to catch new fish in the mini-game of Ice Fishing on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Simply click the light blue and yellow paper either on the bottom right of your screen or by the “Gone Fishing” door for this catalog to appear. You will then be able to buy the Fishing Lure Fishing Rod for 200 coins. There are no secrets in this catalog.

When you play Ice Fishing, wear this rod as if it was a usual item! You will then be able to catch grey fish, which rewards you with double the coins of the usual yellow fish. These fish start slowly but then dive and speed quickly, so be sure you’re ready to catch them! You do not require this rod to catch the Grey Mullet or the Mullet.


  1. Fishing Lure Fishing Rod – 200 coins

Total: 200 coins

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