Game Upgrades

Located at the Dock  on Club Penguin Rewritten, the Hydro-Hopper Game Upgrades catalog contains two wakeboards which you can use when playing Hydro Hopper.

You can open the catalog by clicking the red and white catalog at the bottom right of your screen or on the pink wakeboard by the boat. From here, you can buy the Pink Striped/Yellow Arrow Wakeboard. There are no secrets.

These items don’t change or improve the gameplay, however they do just look great in-game! Simply wear one like a usual hand item and when you play a round of Hydro Hopper, the usual usual tube will be replaced with the wakeboard which you are wearing.


  1. Pink Striped Wakeboard – 300 coins
  2. Yellow Arrow Wakeboard – 300 coins

Total: 600 coins

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