Game Upgrades

Located at the Ski Hill on Club Penguin Rewritten, the Sled Racing Game Upgrades catalog contains several sleds at toboggans which can be used against other penguins when playing Sled Racing!

You can open the catalog by clicking the green and white catalog at the bottom right of your screen or on the toboggan stuck in the snow.

These items don’t increase your speed in the game, but they look really cool and are not too expensive! Simply wear one like a usual hand item and when you play a round of Sled Racing, the usual red tube will be replaced with the sled which you are wearing.


  1. Toboggan – 300 coins
  2. Dark Toboggan – 300 coins
  3. Pink Racing Sled – 300 coins
  4. Green Racing Sled – 300 coins
  5. Blue Racing Sled – 300 coins
  6. Orange Racing Sled – 300 coins

Total: 1800 coins

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