Club Penguin Rewritten: Card Jitsu Released 

Previously I shared a theory that Card Jitsu would be returning to Club Penguin Rewritten and as of today, the game has returned! There have been some major bug fixes to ensure everyone can join in the fun!

Currently, there are still some bugs regarding the Progress Bar and you must start a game using the mats, but these will hopefully be fixed soon. To begin the game, head to the Dojo and you will receive 24 cards! You will also be able to view your progress bar. 

No additional codes have been released yet so these are the maximum cards you can obtain. The rules to the game can be found on the wall, so I won’t mention them in this blog post! When you are ready, head to a mat along with another player to begin a game. 

Despite the bugs, the game works extremely well, and it’s possible to earn up your belts (which have been reset for everyone) and your stamps! It takes around eighty eight wins to earn your black belt, so it may take some time! 

This Christmas surprise is super cool and I’m very thankful to the team for their hard work on allowing us to play this game during the Holidays! Thank you very much for reading, good luck in becoming a ninja!

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126  


CP Rewritten: Card Jitsu POSSIBLY Coming Monday (Not Confirmed) 

UPDATE: This theory has been confirmed false. I apologise! 


It’s rare for me to publish theories on upcoming content unless there’s either leaks or I’m extremely confident that my theory is correct, and this is something which I strongly believe is going to happen. Card Jitsu might be coming as a Club Penguin Rewritten Christmas gift!

Firstly, I’d like to emphasise this is a theory. No official date has been revealed by the team, and it is entirely possible that the events in this post might not end up happening at all. 

Firstly, an administrator, Codey, revealed that there was a “special present” for us on Christmas. 

Hagrid, another administrator, changed his name to “Grasshopper”, which is something that is related to Card Jitsu as Sensei calls you that name. He also used the tongue emote when people were discussing Sensei, which suggests to me that something related is planned that we don’t know about. 

For the first time, another administrator, Joee, randomly asked “Sensei when”. He also announced that there were “big plans” for New Year’s. All three administrators have said something curiously exciting today.

It is possible that the administrators saying/doing all of this on the same day could all be a huge coincidence, but I find that too unlikely. This leads me to form the theory that Card Jitsu will be returning on Monday! 

Please do remember that this is not confirmed, I am not certain if this will be happening. If it doesn’t happen, please be aware that isn’t the fault of the CPR staff as they never confirmed anything either. I cannot stress enough that this post is a theory and is not confirmed. However, if it is true, that’ll be such an amazing Christmas gift! 

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides! Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 

CP Rewritten: Mini-Game Fixes Coming Soon

You’ll notice on Club Penguin Rewritten that the Dojo has received a temporary redesign, hinting at new experiences coming soon, as well as some construction at the Book Room and Ski Lodge!

The reason for this is due to these mini-games getting a fix soon, which has resulted in them being unplayable for the time being. This is due to a new Club Penguin Rewritten code, which should also result in the servers being faster but this is still being tested!

The Fair will also finally be released today, but I’m extremely curious to see what these new “experiences” are. You’ll notice that the Ninja Hideout is visible in the Dojo Courtyard, and I’m curious to see what the “new world” mentioned in the newspaper a few weeks ago could be! But mostly, I can’t wait for the games to be fixed!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Card Jitsu Released & Unlocking New Cards

After a long wait, Card-Jitsu is finally out for penguins to play on Club Penguin Rewritten! 

Whilst I’ve been unable to play for myself, many penguins have been enjoying the new game and trying to obtain their belts! In fact, there have already been some really intense battles. 

One question which I’ve had is how to earn more cards. It appears that you already start with a larger variety of cards than the starter deck on the original island, but Joee has confirmed that we will eventually be able to use codes to obtain new cards. I presume we won’t have to pay with real money to do this! 

Thank you to Ant Penguine for informing me of this!

That’s all for this post, sorry it’s a bit short! Unfortunately I don’t really have a stable Internet connection and can’t even play Card-Jitsu yet! However, I hope that you will still check back for the latest news and guides! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 

CP Rewritten: Hint at CJ Fire (Update: Joke) 

Card-Jitsu is still to be released and yet we’ve already got a hint that perhaps Club Penguin Rewritten will be getting Card-Jitsu Fire as well! 

Update: Please note that whilst this image was shared, Lataus, another moderator, stated that it wasn’t intended to hint anything and was just a joke. 

Pautemii shared a picture of Galvin, another moderator who recently joined the team, in the Fire Dojo! It appears that moderators could already be able to enter the Fire Dojo. 

The significance of this picture is up to interpretation, but to me it seems like a hint of Card-Jitsu Fire coming to Club Penguin Rewritten soon, which sounds super exciting! 

However, for now, I simply just can’t wait to earn my black belt again and I guess we’ll need to wait to see what other surprises Sensei has for us. 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 

CP Rewritten Code: CARDJITSU

Card-Jitsu’s release is taking slightly longer than expected as the team are currently squashing bugs, but in the meantime, a new code has been released! The code is CARDJITSU. 

To redeem this code, on the servers page, click “Unlock Items Online”, then “I’ve got a Code”. Enter the code and this new item will be added to your account! Be sure to do so quickly as this code might expire soon. 

As for the game itself, the team is working really hard to bring it online but they are encountering some unexpected bugs. However, I’m sure it will be out soon as this is a huge update coming hopefully in a few hours! 

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on! 

-Torres 126 

CP Rewritten: Card-Jitsu Delayed by a Day

After a long wait, Card-Jitsu returning to Club Penguin Rewritten is just around the corner and many penguins are hyped to play! 

Currently many penguins are waiting at the Dojo for the game to release however the team have released that the game’s release has been delayed just by one day to August 12th due to the large number of service fixes that had to be made, which the team have said take priority over in-game updates. 

I thank the team for all they’re doing and wish them luck in bringing out Card Jitsu soon since after a long wait, many players are extremely excited about being able to earn their black belt again! Hopefully we will be able to do so within a couple of hours! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 

CP Rewritten Times Issue #23

A brand new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, providing some important dates about the release of Card Jitsu, the Festival of Flight and more! 

I would recommend reading the paper online for the best experience, but I’m going to share what’s coming soon to our island! 

Usually I would summarise the entire paper however since I’m away and can only use my tablet, this is the “Events” page. The most exciting news to me is that Card Jitsu starts on Friday after a long wait and the Festival of Flight starts on August 16th!

That’s all for this fairly short post since I can only use my tablet, but I can’t wait to earn my black belt when I get back home! Also, the Festival of Flight looks incredibly awesome! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 

CP Rewritten: More Plans for Card-Jitsu

Card-Jitsu will be arriving to the island this August and players can’t wait to finally be able to practise their ninja skills again!

However, an interesting question which I’ve had recently is how we will obtain extra cards. On the classic version, we received a starter pack and you could buy cards in real life to increase your cards online…except this obviously can’t happen on Club Penguin Rewritten.

I asked a Club Penguin Rewritten moderator, Landon, about that and whilst he can’t answer the question, he did say that there are “some plans” for Card Jitsu…which to me sounds like the team aren’t just going to launch the normal version of the game and leave it. It sounds like they have some things planned, and who knows, that may even be custom content!

I’m still interested to figure out how we will obtain more cards but as for now, I just can’t wait to become a ninja again!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Card-Jitsu Coming in August

Although I was almost certain that Card Jitsu will be returning to Club Penguin Rewritten at some point in August, this has now been confirmed! Initially we were previously told that it would be coming in Summer, which could include September too.

When you waddle to the Dojo, you will see a big purple squid as well as a sign saying that “Training Coming August”!

This was just a short news post but still worth sharing as so many players (including myself) can’t wait for Card-Jitsu to return and to become ninjas!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126