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CP Rewritten: Card Jitsu Development Underway

Development has begun to re-introduce Card Jitsu to Club Penguin Rewritten, the team have announced! In addition, they also confirmed there’ll be some improvements when the game returns using the new HTML5 technology:

  • Clearer and better information on how to play will be provided
  • It’ll become easier to obtain new cards
  • Some of the UI (User Interface) will be updated

One of the UI screens which will be improved is the matchmaking screen, as you can see above; previously, it was just a blue dialog. The team are also considering whether or not to wipe the progress of everyone in Card Jitsu. There’s a poll ongoing on the official Community section about that very issue right now, but currently the general consensus is opposing everyone’s progress being reset.

Card Jitsu is still planned to be released this year. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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