CP Rewritten: Halloween Party 2019 – FULL GUIDE


The Halloween Party is out now on Club Penguin Rewritten until November 7th, and it’s a beautiful but spooky party! There’s plenty of items and activities to explore, and this guide shall cover them all. 👻

Gary is confirmed to be visiting for this party, and you can view his tracker here. Herbert is also visiting, and his tracker can be found here.

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CP Rewritten: Halloween Party 2017 – FULL Walkthrough & Tracker

This party has now ended

The Halloween Party is on now until November 5th on Club Penguin Rewritten and it is by far the largest party yet, containing a scavenger hunt, puzzles, exclusive rooms and more!

This post contains a full walkthrough as well as a tracker for the two mascots, Gary and Dj Maxx, who will be visiting during this party. It is not automatic but will hopefully help you find some mascots!

Mascot: Gary, DJ Maxx & Herbert
Status: Tracker is offline and no longer tracking mascots


Mascot visits to the Halloween Party 2017

– Herbert: 05/11/17, 11:32PM PST (unable to get photo) Tracked by tracker*
– Gary: 05/11/17, 11:02PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker (GARY WAS KIDNAPPED!)
– DJ Maxx: 04/11/17, 2:05PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker
– DJ Maxx: 02/11/17, 2:20PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker
– Gary: 29/10/17, 5:11PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker

0 visits missed by this tracker so far





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