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CP Rewritten: Halloween Party 2017 – FULL Walkthrough & Tracker

This party has now ended

The Halloween Party is on now until November 5th on Club Penguin Rewritten and it is by far the largest party yet, containing a scavenger hunt, puzzles, exclusive rooms and more!

This post contains a full walkthrough as well as a tracker for the two mascots, Gary and Dj Maxx, who will be visiting during this party. It is not automatic but will hopefully help you find some mascots!

Mascot: Gary, DJ Maxx & Herbert
Status: Tracker is offline and no longer tracking mascots


Mascot visits to the Halloween Party 2017

– Herbert: 05/11/17, 11:32PM PST (unable to get photo) Tracked by tracker*
– Gary: 05/11/17, 11:02PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker (GARY WAS KIDNAPPED!)
– DJ Maxx: 04/11/17, 2:05PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker
– DJ Maxx: 02/11/17, 2:20PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker
– Gary: 29/10/17, 5:11PM PST (photo) *Tracked by tracker

0 visits missed by this tracker so far





Collectible Items:

Pumpkin Pin:

The first thing which you are able to collect is the Pumpkin Pin, located at the Dock until November 8th. It’s the small pumpkin at the top left of the patch.

To obtain it, simply click the pumpkin and then click “Yes” to add it to your inventory. You will then be able to wear it as a pin and it will be added to your stampbook!

Halloween Costumes:

The first thing which you need to do is buy the Rad Scientist Costume from the Stage’s Costume Trunk. Head to the Stage and purchase this for 500 coins, then make sure you wear it!

Next, head to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop and click the glowing green candle. This will open up a passage in the bookshelf. Waddle into it!

This will unlock a spooky room with multiple animations, exclusive to rad scientists! There’s also some outfits for sale if you click the catalog on the bottom right. It will open up the “Monster Maker” containing a variety of different items!

If you click the in the word “Maker”, you will unlock the Raven Wings which can be purchased for 300 coins. This is the only secret in this catalog.

Jack o’ Lantern & Pile o’ Candy:

Head to the Forest and waddle into the “Dark Chamber”. You will find yourself in a gooey area, with a locked door. To open it, you need to solve a puzzle and then press one of the four key combinations.

There are three combinations you need to enter, and you need to watch the colours that come out of the four rocks. Enter those colours into the keyboard in the colour which they appeared.

The answer may vary for everyone else, but this is what I had to enter:

  1. Red, blue, orange, red
  2. Red, orange, blue, red, green
  3. Green, red, orange, blue, red, red

You may want to give it a go as it worked for me, just remember to enter it in the same order! You will then be brought to this room here.

Firstly, you need to pick up a Lantern for free and equip it as your hand item in your inventory. This will allow you to see! Then follow the sign to the right.

You will need to go down, when you reach the bottom, go right, then take the right path up by the way, waddle up there and turn right. That sounds complicated, I’m sorry, but it is quite tricky to explain!

This will bring you to another decorated room, filled with candy and themed around the Ancient Egyptians! You can pick up so free candy for your igloo by the swamp, and then exit the room!

Scavenger Hunt:

The first thing which you need to do to start the Scavenger Hunt is collect the Pumpkin Basket. To do this, enter the Forest and then go into the Haunted House.

Once you’re in the Haunted House, collect the candy basket from the box on the top left. Make sure you equip this basket otherwise you won’t be able to collect the candy!

To access the Candy Hunt, click the basket to the left of the Mod Badge. To view hints for a piece of candy, click the candy you want a hint for. There are eight pieces of candy to find, so when you see one, click it. You may need to click it twice to collect it. If you disconnect, you will need to restart.

Candy 1: This is located in the Town. It is the green piece of candy in the Coffee Shop window.

Candy 2: This is located in the Lighthouse in the second row of chairs. At first, you’ll only see a small orange piece, click it and then the whole square will be revealed. Click that again!

Candy 3: This is located in the Boiler Room. You will find it underneath the papers on the notice board on the right of the room, by the ladder.

Candy 4: This is located in the Plaza. Click the surface of the cauldron (the green liquid) and the candy will appear.

Candy 5: This is located at the pumpkin patch in the Dock. You will see a smaller pumpkin at the bottom right of the patch, click it!

Candy 6: This is located in the Secret Lab hidden in the staircase in the Book Room. I explained how to get there previously in this post, but basically, wear a rad scientist costume found in the Stage’s Costume Trunk and click the green candle. It is at the top left of the room by the book.

Candy 7: This candy is located in the Haunted House which can be accessed from the Forest. It’s a bit harder to get though, you need to spam click this door. Eventually, some bricks will appear in the door, and you will need to quickly collect the chocolate bar when you see the bricks before it closes. Ignore everything else, such as the ghosts, bats and pumpkins.

Candy 8: This is located in the Dojo Courtyard by the bush on the right. Simply click the lollipop and it will be added to your basket!

Now when you click your basket, you will have found all 8 items, which will allow you to claim your prize! Simply click the “Claim Prize” button.

This will unlock the Halloween Scarf which you can wear, the final item of this party!

I have also published some more posts and guides to help with the Halloween Party:

That concludes everything in the party, but there are plenty of decorations and other cool stuff! For example, the Night of the Living Sled is playing in the Coffee Shop and the Lighthouse, and there’s an amazingly decorated Snow Forts!

Halloween is my favourite party so far this year, and I’m really enjoying it! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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