CP Rewritten: Rory Visits – 02/03/18

View Rory Tracker here

Rory made his first ever appearance on Club Penguin Rewritten, on the server Sleet! He spent an hour in-game, answering questions and exploring several rooms!

If you missed him, don’t worry! He also confirmed that he would be returning at least once before the game ends. It was a really cool visit and Rory is a very fun mascot, who even gave some hints about an upcoming CPPS called Pengur!

Rory had a custom background exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten, which is Waddle On Party themed! In the background, you can even see the elusive grey puffle that was originally planned to be available during the Puffle Party but didn’t in the end due to the closure.

This is how the background looks like!

Rory is confirmed to visit again, so good luck meeting him! I recorded his visit and the tracker also tracked it.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Great Snow Maze – FULL GUIDE

This event has now ended

The Great Snow Maze is out now on Club Penguin Rewritten until February 4th. The party is amazing and this post will be giving you a full guide to complete all the activities during the event and collect all the items!

Rory will be the mascot visiting for this party. A full tracker for him can be found on this page here!

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