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CP Rewritten: Great Snow Maze – FULL GUIDE

This event has now ended

The Great Snow Maze is out now on Club Penguin Rewritten until February 4th. The party is amazing and this post will be giving you a full guide to complete all the activities during the event and collect all the items!

Rory will be the mascot visiting for this party. A full tracker for him can be found on this page here!


The first item can be found for free at the Ski Hill and is the Blue Pompom Toque. Along with this, there is a new Game Upgrades catalog (which has no secrets) that can be checked out!

The Toboggan Pin can also be found at the Forest. For more information on this pin, please click here. This concludes the items, however you do receive another item as a result of completing the Maze!



Firstly, head to the Ski Village and you will find a grand entrance as the opening to the Snow Maze! Enter through it and you would have begun the maze. This guide will showcase the directions which you should go through with orange arrows and text.

Firstly, head left.

Next head north through the path on the right.

The first bridge! Simply continue heading up north as you can go underneath the bridge.

In the next section, turn right and go down that path (east).

Now head straight up the path.

So close! However, there’s still a bit more to go! Go around the cave’s entrance to be able to exit on the right.

Head underneath the bridge and take the path out of this room.

Head underneath the second bridge from the left and take the exit downwards (south)

Simply head to the right (east) when in this room.

Cross underneath the bridge and take the path upwards (north).

Take the path on the far right to lead you upwards.

Head beneath the bridge and take the path to the left.

Lastly, take the path upwards by crossing over the bridge.

At long last, you would have arrived at the entrance to the Yeti Cave! From here, you can simply waddle inside to unlock a new room. You will also then receive a “Path Finder” stamp.

This room is super cool and well decorated! You can also find a prize for completing the maze, a Yeti Costume. Simply click it and you will be able to obtain it.

Click “Yes” and it will be added to your inventory! Though it may seem a little large on some outfits, it’s an extremely cool item, so I would highly recommend picking it up whilst this party lasts!

Another guide which you may find useful is the Penguin Style cheats/secrets of February 2018! You can view that guide here. You can also find the Rory tracker here!

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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