Update on Ordering Graphics

Hi everyone,

I have some unfortunate news. As you may know, this site offers the ability to order Club Penguin graphics such as custom stamps for free. If you don’t know, just hover your mouse over the “Order” page. Today I received an order and logged on to Club Penguin to try and fulfil this order. As I haven’t done this since last year, I thought everything will be fine. To make these graphics you need to access your friends list but for some reason when I tried clicking open it wouldn’t appear. I tried this on two different accounts. Without the friends list working, I can’t make graphics. I don’t know if this is just happening once or if it’s going to happen forever since the friends list has always been really buggy. Either way, you can still send in graphics request and I’ll make them once this issue is fixed. I’m sorry for the delay Dadted and everyone else who wanted or wants graphics.

On another note, I’d like to thank you all for helping this site reach 17K views since 2013! We hit it yesterday. I believe school begins soon for everyone, including me. I wish everyone good luck surviving…as such I won’t be able to post as much. Don’t worry though, I’ve scheduled a few posts and I’m going to aim to try and post at least once every two days. I apologise about the graphics issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused,



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