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Exclusive Idea: Club Penguin February 2016 EPF Party Plot

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a long post on a possible plot that Herbert may have up his sleeve. This is probably going to be the biggest discussion and idea on Club Penguin Mountains yet and I have used a lot of sources. Get comfy, grabs some coffee from the Coffee Shop and enjoy this post! Also, thank you so much for reading. it took a while to make this and it means a lot for you to read it. This bit is a small discussion like thing and I do suggest you read it as it’ll make a lot more sense when you read the actual plot I have planned. I don’t think it’s too necessary though and be aware it does contain spoilers. You have been warned…

Main Discussion Bit

So, firstly, we all remember Operation Crustaction right? The party is due to end in February and it is confirmed that Herbert will try and SHRINK the island. That mischievous polar bear…anyway, I see the opportunity for a new EPF operation. Here is a bit of evidence to confirm that the island will try and be shrunk.

Credit to Club Penguin Memories for these speech dialogs due to be said by Herbert:

  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Shrink Ray of DOOM is ready! Now if I could just get it to shrink more than the Town.
  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Uncolorizer of DOOM is ready! No penguin will want to live on a colorless island!
  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Laser of DOOM is ready! First I will blast those puny Snow Forts. Then… EVERYTHING ELSE!
  • HERBERT: Who set off my security alarm!? Is that you Klutzy? I bet it’s a pesky penguin! GET OUT! SCRAM! You’re trespassing!
  • HERBERT: You can not stop The Uncolorizer of DOOM! So long as there is power, it will run FOREVER!

I can also share this image with yo-let’s first analyze what we have here. These were leaked around two days ago along with a few items that did not have any colour on them. It shows the plan of Herbert trying to remove colour and make the island smaller. This also adds up perfectly with Megg saying that something “new” will happen in February. I mean a small and colourless island is new, right? I would just like to say that I did not take the following screenshot; a penguin named Riyita did so full credit to him.


I have one last piece of evidence to confirm that the text leaked is real. That would be the video that Club Penguin released a few days ago. I would highly suggest you watch it if you haven’t already so click here to do so. Club Penguin had a “What’s Next” part and this was in it.


What is that? Great question! Well, the thing on the right looks suspiciously similar to a vehicle that appeared in the old EPF DS games and also became a toy.


Perhaps this vehicle could return when Herbert attacks the island. However let’s not get distracted from the shrink ray. I believe the small thing shown in the left of the question mark is indeed the shrink ray itself or the machine that will take colour away from the island. This may not be real but then we need to ask what it is.

So a quick conclusion on what we have learnt before we move on to my plot. Herbert intends to shrink the island and take the colour away from it in February. There are also more things I want to explain in the “ideas” bit of this post, but it makes more sense putting them in that section than it does in this section. Phew. 639 words in this section and this is just the beginning. I appreciate you hanging on to this post. Please continue. Thank you!

Idea Plot Bit

So now for my amazing idea. To make a party successful, it needs a good plot. Operation Blackout had a great plot and that was really popular. So far though, I really have my hopes up as this is looking like a great party!

The first person I want to introduce you to is this character who was also in the mash-up video.


So this could be a revamped design of Aunt Arctic but I really hope not since the design doesn’t look that great in my opinion. now for crazy idea time. This is…Dot. What now?!?! Well, consider this a costume of Dot the Disguise Gal. Now imagine something else. Dot gets captured by Herbert…

If you visit clubherbert.com you will get an image that shows “Secret meeting” with someone’s name who has been crossed out. The site is an official site owned by Disney.


People have been quick to jump to conclusions and say that the name is Dot since you can make out a D and a T and there are three letters. Alright, so Dot is captured by Herbert. Why this? Well, it’d be a lovely surprise to players. We’ve all been thinking that the person mentioned (who is probably Dot) is working for Herbert but actually Herbert has planned to capture Dot. Herbert takes Dot to his cave and uses Dot to power the invention to shrink and take the colour from the island. Why does Herbert need to power the invention? Great question! I’m working on what Club Penguin has already given us and once the mission is complete, it is leaked that Gary will say the following.

  • GARY: Well done, agent. The EPF has recovered the power source. Finally.

When we mean recover the power source at Herbert’s cave, we mean recover Dot. Dot is cruelly being forced to live in a cage and perhaps the power is drained from her. A cage and a cave, you may ask? Well, I can definitely say something about those two. Once again, it is something that was put in the video as a sneak peek.


You may notice some writing on the question mark. I am pretty sure that that says “Stalagmite Cage”. Stalagmites are the things found in caves and Dot could be being held in a cage in a cave. So what’s with this whole cave thing (and what’s with me asking so many questions to myself)? Well, basically if you have a look around at the Ski Hill, there is a cave that has rumoured to be Sasquatch’s home or Herbert’s hideout. It’s where the arrow is pointing in the right of this picture.


This party plot which I have created is all about solving mysteries. So now we can confirm that that is Herbert’s hideout. Let’s not be cruel and forget the fact that Dot is still trapped whilst Herbert is using Dot to power the machine that will shrink Club Penguin and remove the colour of it. Now, this is the part where I think Club Penguin will completely be against my idea.

Let’s do the plot before we start the puzzles. We do a few DIFFERENT puzzles each day. Not just the same moving blocks around and having to move different blocks on the next stage. These could be considered the “defences” of Herbert’s new lair. Ultimately, Herbert succeeds to launch the weapon. This has to happen because Rookie says the following.

  • ROOKIE: We can’t let the uncolorizer spread! Maybe that big hole has something to do with this.

The big hole would have to be the cave where other agents, but not Rookie, are already investigating. Herbert launches his weapon against the island, right? He’s on a mountain cave which makes perfect sense so he can do it all over the island since he’s at a large height. But does he strike the mountain? No, but he strikes and removes colour from you (my blue lei! Why Herbert, you will pay for this!). That becomes an advantage for you.

Here you don’t just want a mini-game. You want to be able to think. You see the key to unlock the cage and free Dot. You are small enough to get past all defences. Except scent. Klutzy smells you. So you need to move around and lure Klutzy away from you by finding an item he likes such as fish. This is where the thought comes in. I’m thinking something like the old PSA missions here. The reason for this could be a side effect to being shrunk.


You’ll need to use arrows to move around a find the fish and then you can go back to the cave and free Dot. Club Penguin may not appreciate making this so hard and probably will not make it happen. Since Dot is no longer in the cage, the machine power is lost and the island slowly becomes back to usual. Gary is supposed to give you this message and it makes sense with this plot.

  • GARY: Well done, agent. The EPF has recovered the power source. Finally.

Herbert gets away and we have to fight him again in another operation but my blue lei returns to colour (Yay!). That’s not all though. For some reason, some puffles that have never been seen before don’t change colour. The grey puffle arrives…People might have preferred the grey penguin colour but we can’t solve all mysteries, like why Sensei is grey, in one single party! 

This would be an ideal party plot for me. Mysteries solved yet more mysteries are added like why the grey puffle arrived there and then. Perhaps Herbert had stolen them? I’d like to know what you think!

I don’t mind if you disagree with me as this is what I think would be a good plot. Also, the reason you have the Club Penguin Mountains logo in the images is because this is an exclusive post which cannot (at least shouldn’t) be found anywhere else. If it is please report it! I think that concludes this post with 1700+ words. It took quite a bit of thought and around an hour and a half to two hours and a half to actually make but I appreciate you reading this. Please do comment below and share this post if you can. I don’t usually ask this but it took a lot of effort to make this posts. You can scroll just a bit down to where it says “Share this Club Penguin Mountains post” and then work from there. I really am excited and curious to see how this party will turn out.

Waddle on!



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