Discussion: #ProjectSuperSecret on Mobile

Hey everyone,

In case you missed it, Club Penguin uploaded a “Best of 2015” video a few days ago which you can watch by clicking here. They also shared quite a few scenes about the future and I have a really interesting plot that I posted a while ago so scroll down to view it! Anyway, enough about that. So today I want to talk to you about #ProjectSuperSecret coming to mobile.

Why you may ask? I mean, the island is already 3D right? Well, don’t forget that the 3D thing is the main bit of the project. A few months ago, Club Penguin realised a sneak peek on a clothing customiser that allows you (probably only if you’re a member) to design your own clothes. This will be a part of #ProjectSuperSecret. If you watched the video (if you haven’t, I highly suggest you do), you would’ve noticed this:


The image isn’t taken on desktop and you can see clearly that it looks like a phone or a tablet. This confirms that the clothing customiser will be available all across the island. The other peculiar thing is why you are able to chat. I mean, when you’re editing your igloo you cannot chat so why is it different with a penguin? Somehow I doubt that your message will appear in the game but you can’t see it because you’re busy customising your design. Same with the symbol of a penguin’s face which I suspect is emotes.

On the topic of emotes, are those new emotes next to the sick face? There isn’t currently a disco ball emote yet so perhaps Club Penguin is intending to add some more of these. What do you think? As always, I appreciate you commenting below and reading these discussions. Also, in case you’re interested, I’ve added two images to the sidebar that say “Discussions” and “Ideas”. If you click these you will be able to read all the posts in that category. The auto-playing music is also gone because it could sometimes be quite annoying. 

Waddle On!


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