Club Penguin Mountains Update and Summary

Hi everyone!

Club Penguin Mountains has almost been reopened for two weeks now. The site is going well but I thought that I’d highlight a few of the issues which have been fixed and a few of the things you can help with. This isn’t a discussion or anything so it won’t affect the schedule.

Schedule – So far I’ve stuck to the schedule perfectly! The schedule is basically post once every two days. However, when I was scheduling a post it seemed that by mistake it was posted immediately. This was the discussion Rockhopper Island and it was meant to be published tomorrow. If you’ve read it, you’ve read it early and unfortunately there won’t be any new content for you tomorrow. Sorry!

App – In case you don’t know, we have an app and instructions on how to download it can be found by clicking here. There was a small issue with it that resulted on it taking a bit longer to download but I’ve fixed that. The symbol of the app has also been updated as well as the description. I’ve also updated the “app” page with more detailed instructions and a link to download it instead of just a QR code.

Chat – The chat is working again! It stopped working for about a day and you can access the chat by clicking here. The rules have been changed a bit and there are details for two new bots added to the channel; only one which users can play with. I’ve also added a list of commands to use for your nickname at the bottom of the page. I have added, removed and promoted a few moderators. I am active on this chat and it is probably the best way to contact me with quick replies.

Copyright – This was updated just a few hours before the website reopened but not many people know about that so I thought I’d add it here. I changed the names from Club Penguin Torres 126 to Club Penguin Mountains and edited some of the details. If you’re a blogger wishing to “borrow” something from this site, I suggest you check it out.

Mini videos – I need your help with mini videos. Currently the section of videos is very limited and I really want to expand that. I don’t really do videos but I’m sure many of you do! If your video is entertaining and you want to increase your audience, please submit your video. You can click here to submit and view some videos.

Join – No authors have applied yet but this is also because I have updated the recruitment form to make it a bit harder. Remember that we are always looking for potential authors and if you have good grammar, spelling and ideas, you can apply by clicking here.

Free graphics – These have been retired and will not be updated. I did not create these and the person who did has stopped doing so. You can still order custom stamps and images of your penguin though.

Lego CP – I have mentioned this before but Lego CP has been retired because the project, unfortunately, failed.

Wordsearches – These have been retired because no one has viewed them since the website started. If you do want them back, comment over on the “Wordsearches” page (click here to view the page) and I’ll make some more. This is purely supply and demand.

Memes – These are also to be retired. They were copied off an account with permission from the owner but there are simply too many to keep updating the page with. You can always view some more by clicking the page (or here) and viewing the Twitter timeline there.

Comics – You guessed it. Retired. These were from the Club Penguin website and it seems that they have stopped creating them.

SWF’s – There are thousands here and it took hours of work between me and Priyul (a former editor for this website) to get them uploaded. To consistently upload it would be a massive hassle so they are indeed retired.

This basically sums up – wait, no, there is no way that this 700+ word post is a summary – the things that have been updated to this site. I appreciate you reading this and remember to share your feedback and ideas to help improve this website!


Club Penguin Mountains Owner,


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