Fact Friday #2: Polo Field’s Twitter Account

Hey everyone,

So for several years, I often checked the official Twitter account of Polo Field who was a former Club Penguin staff member. During the time I did this, I never actually noticed him talking to a person. However, did you know that this wasn’t always the case? Read on!

In around 2012, Polo Field used to reply to his fans and I expected that penguins on Twitter found this really cool! However, then he stopped. In fact, he stopped so suddenly and deleted all his replies and unfollowed thousands of penguins. He did so many at one time that his account even got suspended!

Credit to RiffyCP for this image!

Credit to RiffyCP for this image!

Have you ever wondered why this happened? Well, I’m pretty sure that it’s because Disney wouldn’t let him tweet to his fans. The reason for this is because when he was laid off, he created a new account called @tigerwolfgames. When I look at this new account, I notice that he responds to everyone! He rarely discusses his time working for Disney and doesn’t respond to any issues regarding the issue. He still talks about Club Penguin though!

Did you learn something new this week? Stay tuned for next week’s post!

Waddle on!



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