Club Penguin Mountains Project is Complete!

Hey everyone,

Today’s post is a bit different because the time that I would have spent working on a discussion I spent on doing a little something. Today I’m going to announce what that is. My project was to improve the bot on the Club Penguin Mountains Chat. I have managed to do so and now the bot is filled with cool games like UNO, Hangman, Spin the Bottle as well as an awesome feature which lets you have a conversation with the bot! Not only that, but I’m working on adding more stuff too!

The bot on our chat that is online 24/7, however the commands might not work all the time. The bot username is GamesBot and you can access the commands are stated below. Should the bot be off, please ask Torres126 to turn it on. Should you wish to use the talking bot feature (which is explained below) ask anyone with an @ or & next to their name.




Uno is a card game where the idea is to get rid of all your cards. You can do this by playing a card that is the same colour or number as the topcard. Cards beginning with “D” or “WD” have the power to make your opponent draw more cards.

!uno – This command is used to start an uno game. The player that types this becomes player 1.
!join – This allows you to join the game (at any time).
!deal – This command starts the game (as long as you have 2+ players). It can only be typed by player 1 (the person who typed !uno).
!unostop – This command ends the current uno game and can only be used by player 1.
!quit – This command removes you from the current game, however has been disabled due to some people quitting just before their opponent is about to win.
!cards – This command shows you your cards.
!count – This command shows all the players and the number of cards they have left. It also shows who’s turn it is.
!topcard – This command shows the top card.
!draw – This command draws you a card from the deck.
!pass – This command passes to the next person (you must draw once to use this).
!play – This command allows you to play cards.

Spin the bottle

Spin the Bottle is a randomised command which means you need to do something to another user in the chat. The bot will say “*User* has to *action* *User*!”. So far, the added actions are kick, kill and kiss.

!spin – This command makes the above happen.


Hangman is a simple game where you have 9 chances to guess a word.

!hangman – This command begins the game.
!letter () – This command lets you guess the letter of the word. Where the brackets are, insert what letter you want to guess.
!word () – This command allows you to guess the entire word if you believe you know it. This is worth two guesses though. Where the brackets are, insert what you think the word is.
!chosenletters – This command shows you all the incorrect letters that have been selected.
!hangwords – This command tells you how many words have been added to the game.

Pandora/Talking bot:

This command makes the bot start a conversation with you. Whatever you say, the bot will reply to you. However, this does cause a lot of spam so you need to ask someone who has an @ or & next to their name or Torres126. The command to turn it on is “!Pandora on” and to turn it off is “!Pandora off”.


Scramble is when a bunch of letters are given and you need to unscramble them to make a word! Since there are over five thousand words, it is unlikely you’ll get the same one twice though difficulty does vary.

!scramble – This command begins a scramble game
!guess (word) – This command lets you guess what you think the answer is.
!scrampoints (user) – This command tells you how many points a user has. Each correct answer is worth five points.

Bomb (Beta – sometimes disabled)

Bomb is a command which lets you place a bomb on a user. They will need to guess which wire to cut out of three options and if they get the wrong one, they will be kicked. Since this means that users can kick anyone, it only is on when Torres126 is online to ensure a fair usage of the command. This command sometimes will not work.

!bomb *user* – This command places a user on a bomb
!cut *colour* – This command lets you cut a wire. Replace *colour* with one of the options given.


This command will let you slap a user with something. This could vary from a big, red, heavy brick to a wad of cash.

!slap *user* – This command let’s you slap a user. Replace *user* with the user you wish to slap.

During certain times, these commands will not work, even if GamesBot is on. When this happens, the name of GamesBot will be often be GamesBot[OFF].

More commands will be added in the future. I am open for suggestions! I hope you enjoy chatting and playing games!

Waddle on!



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