Is enough currently being done by Club Penguin, to bulken up on security?

Hello Penguins!
It’s beginning to turn into a failiar trend now on Penguin Island, to see security being exposed by hackers and bots, on Club Penguin in-game, isn’t it? It’s growing into more of a colossal conflict, that it’s beyond belief that you could keep this whole topic incognito. In this post, I’m out to explore how this could hijack Club Penguin and leave them exposed, and how Club Penguin’s future could be reshaped by the ones that won’t let go of Club Penguin, and tortue their current plight in security.

Not that this is a new recurrence; but the Club Penguin population is now quickly transforming into an ebb and army of bot forces, out to scam and fool innocent children, as well as jam-pack the top server, by spamming the chat facilities. This is clearly evident in-game, if you visit Town, at the top server, and see messages from people who are controlled and manipulated by robots, ludicrously advertising ‘armies’, and enquiring others to obtain free membership from them, without knowing the conflict and confusion this causes, across the younger audience of Club Penguin. Here are some Tweets from Twitter, to prove my valid case here:

The solution to this issue is simply not straightforward. The issue does arise, however, when Club Penguin do not moderate certain servers, and certain areas, where these bots swarm. You could, then, say that Club Penguin’s team is too redundant, and they don’t have a big enough team to deal with these bots all at once. The expense of hiring new staff members for a bulken on bots may seem ludicrous, as new bots can be created, making it an almost unsolvable issue for the team, but a narcassic pain, for the players, who have to watch the younger audience being taken into traps, which can lead to illegal activity, and potential financial conflict for the future. But, instead of blame being deflected on the victim of this trap, it will all go to Club Penguin, because of their failure to pounce on the peksy bots.

However, this isn’t the only issue that arises, with regards to security issues. If you visit Club Penguin’s website, and review the rules, before playing, it clearly states: “No cheating or use of third party programs”. Club Penguin, like many others in virtual world society, want to discourage the use of third party tools on their game. However, like a virtual world I previously played, Bin Weevils, they are not linking back to their claims, and may come across as promoting false claims, as everywhere you go, it’s either bots, or people using third party programs, to get an unfair advantage on the game. They need to reassure Penguins about hacking security, and that they’re solving the issue, rather than an email reply with regards to hacking/bots, saying, “report the player in-game”, when it as already been done. However, Club Penguin are doing what their job, and I admire their work, and I respect them, I’m not trying to encourage false views of them.

Club Penguin need to expand their team; it’s simple, because the hackers, are, frankly, outnumbering the support staff & moderators. Club Penguin needs to think like Animal Jam; they need to be willing to go to measures to expand their team, to become a moderated game 24/7, which is evident they are not, currently. However, they have been doing what they can, and you cannot blame them for everything, at the end of the day.

Finally, another issue which can be terrifying on the eye, is the security message that pops up, when you navigate to the Club Penguin Membership page. This may not be the case for you, but, for Torres126, who is the owner of this blog, claims to have a security message like this, when he visits the Membership page:

Screenshot 2016-04-10 at 19.27.10

We all know what this means when you receive a message such as this; Club Penguin hackers may be trying to obtain passwords and usernames from your Club Penguin account, and access extended membership billing details. Club Penguin are yet to address this; whether they do so or not rests in their hands.

Whether they choose to take action and work against the clock to fight against these hackers, is in their hands, at the end of the day. 

Please don’t read this post and worry about all of this; it’s unlikely that any of this will harm/affect you (though you may be annoyed by those pesky bots), and these people can and will be punished, at least we hope, by Club Penguin.

That’s it for this post, Penguins; stay tuned on this blog for another post by me soon!


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