Discussion: Card-Jitsu Promises

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Believe it or not, Club Penguin have said that they will do many things around Card-Jitsu and ninjas. You’ve probably heard the rumour of Card-Jitsu Shadow. Unfortunately, they have failed to deliver most of these promises. Spike Hike said “we have big plans for Card-Jitsu” over two years ago. Today I am going to go over the promises which Club Penguin have actually made.


Although Spike Hike promised Card Jitsu Shadow, he first stated that he wants to bring Card Jitsu to mobile, then he will directly start working on Shadow. This was actually a couple of YEARS ago, yet there isn’t even the slightest sign that it’s coming anytime soon. It is possible that this is an aspect of #ProjectSuperSecret.

Spike Hike also stated that they had to put some of there Card-Jitsu plans on hold because of technology reasons. This could mean that it’s coming to #ProjectSuperSecret. If Club Penguin is becoming 3D like it seems, Club Penguin will probably change what they use to make the game.

In an interview with Spikey2007, he said the following.

2016 is going to be a big year for Club Penguin. Hopefully Spike Hike manages to incorporate Card-Jitsu into the massive updates coming to the island this year. He’s said a lot about it over the last half a decade, but other than Card-Jitsu Snow, not much has been done. One thing I still do hope Club Penguin are going to do with Card Jitsu Shadow is make it a competitive game instead of a game where players work together like Snow.

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