Personal Experience: Getting Scammed

Hey everyone,

I recently made a post explaining a drama in the Club Penguin community where someone claimed that they got scammed. Today I’ll be explaining the time when I got scammed.

Firstly, scamming is something that takes place a lot in the community. It is basically when two people want to trade Club Penguin codes, but one party fails to give their code after the other party has already given theirs. 

So, back in 2014 (I think – I can’t remember the dates too well), I almost got scammed. A user on the Penguin Lodge chat suggested that we trade codes. Since I lived in the UK, I was able to get magazine codes which he wanted. However, he said that I need to reveal my code first.

This always makes me suspicious, so I decided that I would not go first. We played Find Four on Club Penguin together. Whoever won would go second. Because I am so amazing at these games, I won. However, he just decided to quit straight after. Fortunately, I didn’t lose my code but this was proof that he was a scammer. 

Waddle on!


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