Community Appreciation – Day #11: Nathan76877

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the 11th day of the Community Appreciation series. Today I have selected someone who, unfortunately, is long gone from the community. However, I question where I would be without him. I’ve said in the past that without our previous workers, this site would not be as good as it was today. Without Nathan 76877, this site would not be here at all today.

nathan -(

Let me explain before you criticise how bad the image inside the frame is. Back in January 2014, years ago when my graphic making skills were terrible (I now like to consider them alright), I made this for Nathan. I can’t find any Club Penguin related images of him other than this, but I remember his custom penguin well.

Anyway, let me explain the story. Way back in 2013, I remember that Nathan emailed me and asked if we wanted to create a blog together. I was hesitant but anyway, Club Penguin Beach was formed. Never got well-known, but the teamwork we put into it made us good friends. Anyway, as time went on, Club Penguin Beach closed but this wasn’t really a problem. Whilst I still remember being a terrible poster on Club Penguin Beach, we now went our ways to create our blogs.

So, Club Penguin Torres 126 was created. At the time, Nathan helped (understatement) out a lot. He also created his own site called Penguin National Park and I believe that there was some sort of link to Club Penguin Environment (another blog) but I can’t remember it. We helped each other. Nathan helped a lot on my blog, from emailing each other graphics and templates to just making posts.

Any of you remember Penguin Lodge chat? It’s still alive now, but definitely nowhere near as active as a few years ago. Nathan was always on there with me and we set up channels. Nathan and I did a lot together, and I would definitely not be in this community without him. But where are you Nathan? If you’re reading this, please contact me. I haven’t seen you in the community for over a year. I am grateful for everything you’ve done to help me. Matthew, Jeff, Bluey and I.

thank you


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