Community Appreciation: Day #10 – Party Highlights!

Hey everyone,

Two days ago, I hosted a massive party on the server Marshmallow which was an absolute success despite the fact Dj Stores/Potatoes tried to ruin it! Before I begin, I want to announce something. I know I said that I would give out three Card Jitsu codes. I am unable to do so. It was not my intention to mislead you, however there will now be four Card Jitsu codes given out! With that being said, here are some screenshots of the fun!


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We played tons of games, from Sled Racing to Find Four to Dance Contest! You name it! However, I think the most fun event was Hide and Seek which lasted the duration of the party. In fact, by the end of the event, there were over a dozen penguins! Thank you so much for coming!

Now for the moment you’ve probably been waiting for…the prizes. You may remember that the non-member costume contest had no theme. I regret to inform you that I have decided to get rid of the non-member contest. The reason for this is that barely any non-members, except for Nina1059 and Dj Potatoes (who is disqualified from all contests), attended. Do not worry, the member theme was “underwater” and that contest is still going on!

The two penguins who really displayed the underwater theme were Agent Dome and Blue21102. As such, it’s pretty hard to decide between the two people as they have costumes which are almost identical.

Agent Dome's outfit
Agent Dome’s outfit
Blue21102's outfit
Blue21102’s outfit

Since it’s so close…I looked at the background. Yup…you probably know who’s won now. Congratulations Agent Dome! You’ve won a Card Jitsu code!

We also played two rounds of Hide and Seek! Blue21102 was undiscovered during that round, so he also gets a Card Jitsu code! I believe that Madzom8ie also was undiscovered, but since he got abducted by islands and I think this was the second round, I can’t be sure. For the second round, the challenge was to find me and send me a postcard. Pink41308 did this successfully and therefore she also wins a Card Jitsu code!

The final code goes to one random person who I saw at the event. I used an online spinner and the winner is…Moda199!

Congratulations to everyone who got a code! You should receive your Card Jitsu code at some point today and I will go through the Club Penguin Mountains “database” (basically our list of followers :P) to contact you! If you didn’t win, relax. I intend for there to be one more of these events this month and since Hide and Seek was so much fun, there’ll be more codes for the winners!

Once again, I must thank everyone for attending! It was amazing being able to host such a great party! I’m glad that we were able to make Marshmallow fun without bots as the community has kind of dedicated this server to events, so I thought I might as well host this event there too!

Waddle on and congratulations to the winners,



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