Community Appreciation Month – Day #18: Madzom8ie

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the eighteenth day of Community Appreciation Month! Today I have selected someone who is not only a blogger but also a great friend and a great person throughout the Club Penguin Community. He’s Madzom8ie!


Madzom8ie is a really nice person who encourages you a lot! He’s contributed a lot to Club Penguin Mountains’ posts but he also owns his own blog! Whilst you might not find the latest news, it’s rather unique. He often writes a post on a piece of  Club Penguin history and he often makes posts featuring opinions from the Club Penguin community. You’ve probably heard of his blog as he did win round one of my contest (can’t say the same for round two!) but in case you don’t, you can read his blog by clicking here.


Madzom8ie has become Penguin of the Week before due to the fact he’s so friendly. Like Blue21102, Madzom8ie strives to ensure that there is peace around the community. We’ve been talking for a while, and I have to say, thank you Madzom8ie!

thank you

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