Community Appreciation – Day #17: Pup1one


Welcome to day seventeen. I apologise for making this post earlier, but not to my full standard. I hope that you understand my frustration and why I did this. I believe that everyone who I choose deserves to get a full effort from me and not some lazy attempt. Anyway, for today, I have selected a rather talented video maker and a friendly penguin, Pup1one!

i hate everything

Pup1one is an extremely friendly penguin in the community. Like everyone else who’s been featured in this series, Pup always happily replies to you and tries to incorporate you in his videos. He’s a successful YouTuber with over 1500 subscribers. I find his work extremely entertaining and I suggest you check out his channel here and his blog here.

One of my favourite videos was his tour of the Club Penguin HQ. He shared his experience in a really creative way and he also included an interview! His videos was one of the inspirations that made me send my DVD to Club Penguin.


There isn’t too much I can say but Pup is a massive part of the community and you can understand why he became Penguin of the Week!

thank you


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