New Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone,

You may remember that a few days ago I selected Tech70 as the winner of the Treasure Book code. It’s been over three days and he hasn’t claimed his code. As such, I need to give the Treasure Book code to someone else! I originally spun the wheel, but it landed on someone who accused me of doing things which I didn’t do. As such, I’ve made the decision, which I am permitted to do under the Terms and Conditions which he accepted, to refuse to give him the code and ban Madzom8ie from all future giveaways and graphic orders. (Just to be clear, I started this post a while ago and I’m pretty sure the wheel spun on him.)

Even though I’m a bit late in posting this, I still need to give another person the code! I’ve decided that this person will have the final opportunity to claim the code. Don’t worry, I’ll just be putting the code towards the Giveaway Extravaganza. Giveaway Extravaganza? I’m planning a massive month of giveaways where I’ll be giving out memberships, Card Jitsu codes, Treasure Book codes and a lot more. When is this? If all goes well, most likely this December.

For now, let us select the winner of the giveaway!


Congratulations Mrzero3! Please contact me within three days of this being published to claim your Treasure Book code. If you weren’t selected…don’t forget what I have planned!

Waddle on!



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