Petition: Unban us All

I have created a petition for Club Penguin to unban all the banned forever players when Project Super Secret launches in 2017. YOU could help make this happen. Please read more to learn on how you can help.

How does it work?
I have created a ThunderClap petition. If you link your social media account to ThunderClap, you would have successfully signed the petition! The way it works is that 100 people must sign the ThunderClap. If his happens, then in October, everyone will send out a tweet about the petition. It would be hard for Club Penguin to ignore it. Not only that, but the petition will also be delivered to their headquarters in Kelwona.

Where do I sign it?
If you have a social media account, you can sign it now by clicking here.

Link: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/45479-please-unban-us-all

If you don’t, then you can still help! Comment on this post saying something like “I agree with this petition” and you will be mentioned in the letter to Club Penguin.

What else can I do?

Share this post! The more people who know about it, the better. Make a tweet about it or if you’re feeling brave, maybe even a blog post! I would greatly appreciate it if you sign this petition and share it!

This is the official message:


In 2014, I used a cheating program and rightfully got banned forever. Two years have passed and unfortunately Club Penguin is still not interested in unbanning me.

The amount of times my parents have called only to hear the word “no”. It’s upsetting to see the penguin who had so much time and money invested in, only to be banned for a few mistakes.

I know that there are so many banned players out there who are very remorseful yet they know that they will never get unbanned, such as myself. Well, the community is requesting for the team of Club Penguin to please forgive us, the banned players of the game, and give us a final chance when #ProjectSuperSecret launches.

After the long wait, everyone deserves the opportunity to play our new game and besides, we are very sorry. That is the reason why I believe the penguin is smiling in the image. Not because he’s banned forever but because he’s learnt from his mistakes. Let’s make him smile more by forgiving him for his mistakes.

This petition only reaches out to Club Penguin Mountains’ readers. I am sure that there are thousands, if not millions, players who are remorseful and would sign this petition if they knew about it.

Whether you’re banned or not, I hope you will sign this petition so Club Penguin can see how sorry we are.

This is the message that everyone will say provided we get 100 supporters:
We are calling upon Club Penguin to please forgive us and unban us all when #ProjectSuperSecret launches. http://thndr.me/kfja2B

Let’s make this happen! I can’t wait till the first of October where we will hopefully have 100+ supporters and the message will be released. The response from Kelwona is likely to come two weeks after the petition being sent to the HQ. On behalf of all the banned players who are remorseful on our island, thank you very much!



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