Idea: Rating Parties

Hey everyone,

I’d like to start of this post by apologising for the lack of new content coming out. I’m constantly checking the survey for ways to add more content and improve Club Penguin Mountains. I’m also hoping to do a lot for our 3rd Birthday which is dawning on us quickly.

Anyway, you’ve probably read my recent letter in which I criticised a lot of the game. In fact, even Megg told me she was going to check it out. Whilst I raised a lot of points, I didn’t raise many solutions. Today I have a solution to the problem of having parties return which we don’t like, such as the third Frozen Party/Takeover.

My idea is ridiculously simple, but it could have such a positive impact on our game. I’m actually surprised that it wasn’t implemented ages ago. Once a party ends, I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to rate it. For example, a message like this could appear the next time a player logs in after the party ends.

Party Survey

What’s the purpose of this? Well, Club Penguin claimed that they returned the Frozen Party because many players wanted to see it again, however many were extremely angry when it returned. This way, they can really see the most popular parties which players would want to see again. It would solve the demand to stop takeovers as they could really see that players don’t, or maybe even do, like takeovers.

I respect that the final few 2D parties are probably already planned, but since there will eventually be parties when Project Super Secret launches, I think that the Club Penguin team should add it to the new game. Now, I’m not a coder, and I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement. But think of how much better our island would be if Club Penguin knew which parties we liked and which parties we didn’t. If the worse came to the worse, they could always have a poll on the Club Penguin blog, but this way, everyone is bound to rate the party.

It’s a win-win situation. Club Penguin gets to know which parties will get them more money. We get to have our favourite parties return.

Waddle on!


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