Interview #1: Rocketsnail

Hey everyone,

I’ve been closely monitoring my recent survey to find out that a surprising number of people want to see interviews on Club Penguin Mountains. As such, I reached out to Rocketsnail to try and start this series with a bang and surprisingly, he agreed! I asked my interviewer to ask him a few questions, and today I am pleased to be able to share his answers!

Rocketsnail, also known as Lance Priebe was the co-founder of the game we know today as Club Penguin. He left in 2010 (I believe it was September or October) and has since gone on to develop other things, and you can check out some more cool stuff about him at rocketsnail.com! I’m pretty thrilled to be able to ask him a few questions.




I found these answers rather interesting! I also couldn’t help think about Michael who was inspired by Club Penguin.

I’d like to give a massive thank you to Lance for answering my three questions! I’m going to try and see if I can ask more people, particularly people who are in the community, more questions so maybe we could get a monthly serious going.

Waddle on!


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