Club Penguin Island Beta Testing Ends…For Some and Defies Rules? 

UPDATE: Half of this confusion can be explained. Please click here to read the post about this.

Today I spoke to beta tester OrangeCP and I asked him about beta testing as it was due to end today. It turns out that he and multiple other beta testers can still play Club Penguin Island yet I know many people who no longer can. I find this really interesting.

Beta tester Bloxorz also shared this email today.

It doesn’t make sense that there’s a meet up tomorrow when beta testing should have ended today. However here’s where it gets even more complicated and confusing. Due to the team using Testflight, the latest the beta could end was the 17th of January 2017. Despite this, Orange sent me an image suggesting that it actually goes on past this date.

He believes that this is the date when the geo-beta in Australia and New Zealand opens, but that makes no sense because you can’t use Testflight for geo-betas. Whatever is going on, it’s even more confusing than the beta selection process and it makes no sense whatsoever!

I’ll keep you updated on this story!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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