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Club Penguin Island Closed Beta was Supposed to be for Bloggers

The closed beta of Club Penguin Island may be over however I’ve still been trying to find a reason on how the team messed it up so badly causing so much controversy and anger. I believe the answer lies with the for general manager, Spike Hike. 

In 2014, a fan blog interviewed him and one of the questions that came up is interaction between the team and bloggers. This was his response. Be sure to read from where I drew the red line. 

“On mobile, Apple has this new beta program in iOS 8 that allows you to have up to 1000 people beta test apps. We are talking about using that with bloggers for CP.” -Spike Hike, 2014

This program was TestFlight, the one used for the closed beta. In 2014, it supported only a thousand but it now supports double that. 

The problem is, it was meant to be for bloggers. That was the main problem people had with the closed beta, those who spend so much of their time helping players and promoting the game didn’t get to play. 

What went so wrong? What happened to the talks about bloggers testing Club Penguin Island? The closed beta was never meant to go so wrong so why did it? The question is, who lead the talks? I think Spike Hike did as he didn’t get too involved with the team. If he stayed, I think the closed beta would have been a success. 

-Torres 126 

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