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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 04/01/17

For the second day in a row, it is impossible to complete the Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island due to a bug! However, the team fixed the issue about 12 hours after it occurred yesterday so I am going to still help you complete them. Here’s a look at them.


String King:

Head over to Coconut Cove and go on stage. Waddle over to the light green guitar and press the orange interactive button to equip it. Then just one of the blue buttons in the bottom right hand corner to be able to claim your reward once this bug is fixed.


Buoy Oh Buoy:

You need to stand by the green buoy with a number “2” on it. This is located on the small island which can be seen from the Lifeguard stand. It’s rather hard to explain where however this image should hopefully help.


By Hook or Crook:

Penguins need to catch a total of 2000 fish by heading over to the fishing spot in Beacon Boardwalk. Simply walk up to it, tap the interactive button and cast your rod. If you need more help catching fish, please click here.


I don’t think that this challenge will be completed. Firstly, I doubt that there are 200 members on the game and secondly, I think that most players would have used all 10 of their baits before the bug is fixed. Good luck though!

Ship Main-ten-ance:

For the first time, we have two community challenges! Unfortunately, most people logged off as soon as they realised that the Daily Challenges were bugged again. For this challenge, you and four friends need to head over to the Migrator. Waddle up to this vase on the right and tap the orange interactive button when close to it.


Then head back to where Rockhopper is. If you’re mopping the floor with four of your friends then you would have completed the challenge!


That’s all there is to the Daily Challenges today. It is essential that the team fixes the bug stopping players from completing them. That is the point of a beta though. Maybe we’ll be seeing an update soon? It’s better than having to wait for Canada to wake up everyday!

Waddle on!


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