Players have Issues Playing CP Island

Multiple players receive an error message when trying to play Club Penguin Island saying that “something went wrong”. Interestingly, despite so many players getting this issue, I don’t, and the island is still fairly busy.

Update: It appears that this is the case for players only on Apple devices. 

2nd update: The team have admitted to technical issues but have stated that this issue has now been fixed! 

Rumour has it that it’s because these players went on test worlds but so did I and I’m not having issues. Other suggest that they’ve upgraded their security against countries who are not part of the geo-beta…but I can play and Tomisino1 and Rosy are in Australia.

It’s confusing where these issues are coming from but I don’t think it’s anything to get worried about, particularly if you are certain that you have not broken any rules. I would suggest emailing “”.

Out of curiosity, are you getting this issue? Let me know and thanks for reading!

-Torres 126


4 thoughts on “Players have Issues Playing CP Island

  1. i just got the app today, and for some reason i didn’t get the welcome sequence and when i try do aunt arctic’s adventures, after i press ‘Start Adventure” everything freezes. the only episode that is available is the 1st one.

    • That’s a bit weird that you didn’t get the welcome scene, I’d suggest emailing support.

      Yeah, only the first episode of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures is available to non-members. Once you’ve completed it, I guess the reason why it crashes is because I’m assuming you’re not a member?

  2. The app will not allow me to complete the first episode. I cannot use the jack hammer on the holes in the ship! I have restarted multiple times. What should I do?

    • This is indeed a bug and others have told me about it too. I’d suggest emailing the team but unfortunately I can’t help you as idk a solution. Sorry, but good luck with it!

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