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The Club Penguin Times #3



Club Penguin Island is expected to launch early March with the closing date of the classic game approaching quickly, though the team has suggested that there will be a “small update” a week before March 29th. Rumours suggest that this will be free membership.

Me being busy has resulted in missing the last two editions, which I apologise about. Instead, today we’re going to cover fan mail, private servers, news, awesome art, questions and more!


Earlier this week I received an amazing response to a tube I sent the team around two months ago, containing a 3 page letter from the team, a meggnificent letter from Megg and a card with a signature of so many awesome staff members, all of which I have added to my previous 4 responses. I cannot thank them enough for this and I really appreciate it!

YOU can also send in some fan mail to their headquarters in Canada! The thing that puts people off the most is what to send and how to do it. Here’s a few recommendations you may want to consider:

  • A letter on your experiences over the years
  • Thoughts on Club Penguin Island
  • Giving the team a lot of thanks for the amazing work they do
  • Fan-art
  • A gift? (I sent a calendar and bookmarks)

I’ve always handwritten my letters though I doubt it makes a difference. With a parent or guardian’s permission, post your envelope or parcel to this address by going to your local Post Office. Also be sure to include your return address on the envelope otherwise it won’t reach there:

Club Penguin c/o Disney Canada Inc.
500-1628 Dickson Avenue
British Columbia
V1Y 9X1

I’m sure they love fan mail and they always respond. Sending something to the team is something which I strongly reccommend because it’s one of the few opportunities where you can talk about Club Penguin with someone who shares your passion for the game.


Private servers is a controversial topic throughout the community and though they are technically illegal, I have mixed feelings around them. This article was requested and if you disagree with my thoughts, that’s fine! It’s a discussion after all!

I find the idea of people making a server for educational and entertainment purposes, with no bots to advertise them, using their talents to make some really creative stuff and doing it all for fun pretty cool. I’ve never really been one to play them though but I can’t really heavily bash those kinds of servers.

However, very recently, a new server has emerged which is kind of what I want to centre this discussion on. There’s no new content and it is basically just “Old CP”. The creators are taking advantage of the news of Club Penguin closing to attract a huge audience, as you see in the picture above.

Persevering a virtual world is usually an awesome idea but not in this case. The reason why Club Penguin closed is in favour of CP Island and probably not for the two games to cause competition with each other. Now we have a private server causing competition for an official game. I’ve heard people talking about this server and saying it has gone “viral” and seen pictures with loads of penguins but I’ve not had that happen with CP Island.

Barely did more people vote for CP Island and that is concerning. Ultimately, enjoy playing what you enjoy. But do bare in mind that the reason CP closed down was for CPI and we should try and support the team’s decision where possible.


On Friday, Megg was awesome enough to host a meet-up even though she wasn’t feeling too great! There she answered some questions in a week where there was very little Club Penguin Island information. Instead, we now have lots!

Here’s what we covered this week:



Q. What are your plans after closing CP?

-Edek2012 and pretty much everyone at school

A. Club Penguin Mountains will still be here and I’ll just be covering CP Island stuff. I am so excited to blog about something new and share information. It’s something really fresh and I’ve been enjoying it a lot recently.

I’m also thinking about doing a weekly or biweekly thing when rsnail’s new virtual world launches. I think I’ll really like it and I tend to enjoy blogging about things I’m passionate about! We’ll see though, the future has a lot to hold!


Q. After opening the game, it says it wants to download extra files. And then says I can’t because I have not purchased the game. What can I do?

-Pranava & Elite Plays

A. I love sharing my knowledge about the game and many people have asked me this, but unfortunately I don’t know what to do.

Although I experienced this issue with the classic Club Penguin app many years ago, I just had to get a better connection and wait for it to finish downloading. The app is supposed to be free and this “purchased game” issue is something many people have asked me about.

My suggestion would be to email “” and ask for help or wait until worldwide release. Sorry!


Last edition’s poll accumulated over 85 votes and the question was, “Is there a future for official classic CP after 29/03?”. Here are the results:

  1. No, it will end on March 29th (56.82%)
  2. Yes, it will continue as Club Penguin will change their mind eventually (21.59%)
  3. Yes, it will continue as someone will buy it (21.59%)

This weeks poll relates to the private server article. I’m curious – are you sticking with CP Island?


There were two amazing pieces of artwork which I would like to feature! The first was made by Vanessa and is an absolutely amazing drawing of my penguin which I intend to use as a profile for something soon! Thank you so much!


Captain J153 also drew this cool image of my outfit on Club Penguin Island! It looks really accurate (though I seem a bit grumpy!), thank you so much!



I hope you leave this page with the intention of writing fan-mail to Kelowna and supporting Club Penguin Island!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • An Angry 2009 Penguin

    “But do bare in mind that the reason CP closed down was for CPI and we should try and support the team’s decision where possible”

    Why should I support the decision of a bunch of people that ruined my favourite game ever?

    The reason I’m going to play “that” CPPS is because it targets me. An OLD CP user. It has that rsnail/Billybob/Happy77 feeling to it, and not that (opinions opinions) bad Spike Hike/Megg feeling.

    The current CP, since 2013 has disappointed me so much times, I complained almost every day about it.

    But playing that CPPS I’m having so much fun, thus showing that it has nothing to do with me growing up.

    If only Billybob never left, I’d never turn to a CPPS. Sadly…things happen, and I’m really happy that those fans created this private server.

    • Torres 126


      Thanks for joining in the discussion! Club Penguin has to close – the technology is getting old. CPI is an attempt to continue the Club Penguin franchise which is something we should be really pleased about.

      It’s interesting that you have been playing the game since 2006 (I assume you are since you claim you felt a Happy77 feeling). Since you say “2009 penguin” though, you make it seem like you joined in 2009. Happy77 left in 2006 so how can you say that you had a “Happy77” feeling around the game? First inaccuracy.

      Secondly, Spike Hike is no longer part of Disney. He left in September 2016. The new general manager is Kyle Patrick Laughin. Megg is an amazing person who tries to be here for everyone. After all, she is the associate community manager. You can’t really bash her for something that isn’t her fault. She has interacted a lot with the community and that’s an extremely positive feeling.

      2013 was the best year of Club Penguin according to polls on many fan-blogs, much bigger than mine. I joined in the same year as you and I also believe that 2013 was the best year of our island. I agree, 2015/2016 has not been the best and they did abuse the classic game to create CPI.

      You claimed that you preferred old CP because it had the feel of 3 people (one who left way before you joined). A CPPS does not have that feel. It does not have the backbone of the amazingly talented team in Kelowna and the also extremely talented former staff members throughout the world.

      Billybob left saying this: “Club Penguin is never about standing still, it’s always been about the journey”. Well, this is the next leg of the journey. It’s cool that you are having fun but consider this: supporting a CPPS over CPI will be the end of the Club Penguin franchise.

  • A 2009 Penguin

    Hey, it’s me. Thank you for your answer.

    Yes, I agree that Club Penguin has to upgrade technology.

    I’m sorry for the inaccuracies. I thought Happy77 left in 2012 with Billybob. And I think that even though rsnail left before I joined, you could really feel his work in 2009, way more than current CP.

    It was wrong of me to accuse Megg, but I still blame Spike Hike for ruining CP. Yes, I know he left this September 2016, but it’s not that long ago, right?

    Having said that, after reading “supporting a CPPS over CPI will be the end of the Club Penguin franchise”, I felt really, really bad. I’d never want the Club Penguin franchise to end. And of course my plan was to play both cpps and cpi, the latter expecially to support the franchise.

    (I haven’t played CPI yet, but when it launches, I will really try and do my best to enjoy it, purchasing membership to support team, hoping that they will make me have fun just like old times)

    (As for that CPPS, I really like it, but I know that it won’t last 11 years like the current club penguin)

    Thank you for your comment – It was something that I needed.

    I would also thank you for the updates on Club Penguin Island, I enjoy your posts.

    • Torres 126


      Yes, Happy77 left in 2006 with a bunch of staff members just using her name for videos etc. The good news about rsnail is that he’s in the process of creating his own virtual world which should launch in beta soon!

      I am not going to disagree with Spike Hike “ruining” CP. Him leaving was one of the main positives of a very horrible year for Club Penguin.

      I’m glad to hear that you’ll play the game and buy membership. It’s worth it! I understand why people would play a CPPS if they enjoy it, but the reason why CP closed down was because they want you to go to CPI, not a CPPS. Yeah, a CPPS doesn’t have a team behind it or stuff. If you want to play a CPPS, I can’t stop you, but these discussions are just my way of persuading you not to, so don’t feel bad.

      I love replying to all comments! Thank you for reading this blog, I really appreciate that! 😀

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