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Thank you for this, CP

For three years, there has been no interaction from the staff on social media with players. That’s been changing recently as Megg could “like” tweets from players.

The laws surrounding this have been strict from what we know. Polo Field used to reply to tweets then delete them. This rarely has happened…UNTIL NOW!

Megg is officially responding to tweets on the Club Penguin account again! This came out of the blue and the community was so happy to learn this! In fact, I am so happy that I have decided to once again change my rating of CPI from yesterday, where I decreased it to 6/10, to a new score…


Interaction from the Club Penguin team gives me so much hope with CPI. It makes the community feel better and is something that was lacking for recent years. I have lots of hope that this is just the beginning, maybe they will start leaving comments on blogs again like they used to?

To all the people who made this change possible, thank you. The interaction returning is just…magnificent, I can’t explain it. Thank you.

-Torres 126

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