CP Island Launch “Later this Month” + New Adventures in April

Despite many rumours claiming that Club Penguin Island was likely to launch this week, even today, Megg has confirmed on the CP Twitter that it will be launching “later this month”.

They also said that new adventures will not be at worldwide launch but will be coming soon. Possibly April as the team said they’re “wrapping up” wave two of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures?

UPDATE: April has been confirmed to contain new adventures as they liked the tweet above! 

That’s all we know for now but I’ll be sure to keep you updated if we learn more! Those who are ages 13 or older can follow @clubpenguin on Twitter, but don’t worry, I will let you know if they say anything big!

In the meantime, here’s an image of a penguin which they tweeted…

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


4 thoughts on “CP Island Launch “Later this Month” + New Adventures in April

  1. Alright now I’m starting to feel the hype. Once this thing launches, I’ll try to be more active as possible, I’ll play every character adventure, I’ll max out my levels, I’ll grind many coins and try to get as many items as possible, and also try to be an active member of the community. Let’s go Club Penguin, let’s go.

    • Yeah, April is going to be a huge month of new content and that’s exciting!

      I’m excited for launch, my only illegal is that membership prices are reduced. You can’t do any of those things other than be an active member in the community without being a member. But I have faith it’ll change!

      • Non-members rarely become active members of the community. I mean, even if they are truly active, they aren’t recognised by almost nobody.

        • I disagree. I mean, you can easily make a name on the official blog by helping out or even social media. The thing is that non-members are less likely to frequently log on.

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