Club Penguin Island Servers are Full 

Just received an email from the Club Penguin Island support team confirming that whilst there are problems logging in, it’ll be fixed when “more space is available on the island”, essentially meaning that the worlds/servers are all full. 

This is kind of confusing as people have shared that most worlds are empty. Don’t worry though as the development team are on it! It’s interesting to note that staff can log on though! Some friends lists also say that people who aren’t on are on as Yovas confirmed. 

Overall, I guess we’ll just need to wait, but at least we now know why! Thanks for reading! 

-Torres 126 


14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island Servers are Full 

  1. Hey Laval, where is that post of your 100,000 views on your blog? I can’t find it and i need it yo go to the meetup today! :,( lol

        • Uhh, first try to log into the game, and basic suspended/banned account. Then i tried to log in the site and:

          Disney account
          Your account has been blocked for violating the Terms of Use agreement. If you feel this has been done in error, please contact Guest Services.

          Guest services is blue, and there is no reason. WAIT! Is it rule break to be tour guide in CPI? I mean…. it’s not isnt it. When i finished the tour, the penguin was different. If he reported me…. (angry face)

          • Yes, this doesn’t seem right.

            That’s weird though, I’ve heard reports before that some penguins are getting banned even though they were reported for no reason. Let’s hope the team responds soon!

            Also, you’d get an orange pop-up with a whistle warning you if you actually were reported. So cool that you were touring new penguins around our new island though, hopefully the team will unblock your account quickly!

            • Yes, hope so. But i didnt get the warning. I may have left when that happened or it’s from the old warning. Or there is a player called Danir435 and they accidentally typed Danar435. But im still waiting for the e-mail.

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