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You Can’t Buy CP Island Membership with Google Play Cards

Players and blogs have been reporting that it is now possible to purchase membership with Google Play Cards, but from my experiences it isn’t. As such, I requested an official response from Club Penguin Island and this is what I received:

“As far as I know you can only set up membership using a credit card/consistent payment method (ex: Paypal).  I would contact Google Play for more information on subscriptions purchased through their service, in case they’ve changed their policies around this.”

Reprensitive “Jake” suggested we contacted Google, which is a difficult process as they don’t appear to have an email. However, the Google website says this. 

“You can buy Google Play Google Play Music subscriptions and subscriptions through the Google Play Newsstand, but you can’t pay for subscriptions on other apps.”


Maybe you can buy membership with Google Play Cards like some users have. I haven’t been able to, but the official standpoint from Club Penguin Island is to check with Google, and Google have said that you can’t. 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


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