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Full Recap of Club Penguin Island Version 1.2

Club Penguin Island version 1.2 is going to launch on the 12th or the 13th or April and in this post, I’ll be revealing every single known detail which we are aware of so far. Let’s start with the exciting stuff.

1. New area & chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures 

We will be able to visit Herbert’s Base during the second chapter of Aunt Arctic’s adventures. Gary will also be making an appearance in this chapter of adventures. 

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2. New levels, party supplies and items

As such, the max level has been increased to level 15 with there being new rewards at each level. Level 13 will unlock the Prehistoric Pack. 

On the 13th, members will be able to unlock the Giant Panda Hoodie. Non-members will not get any items contrary to popular belief but will be able to use new emojis and single party supplies. Members will also be able to unlock the Hydrant, Seaweed Smoothie Tray and the XL Fireworks as a party supply. 

Also, Tangled items will be available at the Disney Shop.

3. Catalogs and Style Challenges

There will be style challenges and an opportunity for us to enter. We already have a list of challenges and they will change everyday. 

Dot will also have a clothing catalog and it is likely that we will make the items in these. SheepVSGravity is rumoured to have said that we will make some coins from selling items, however there is no proof to confirm this.


4. Tubes

There will be 7 tubes for members to use on Club Penguin Island, each one having its own design. Here’s a list of when they unlock, kindly provided by MikeyMichael. 


5. Events

This month will have some awesome events which are Earth Day, World Penguin Day and Radio Music Disney Awards. The items and emojis for Earth Month will be out on the day of the update and it is possible that the rest of the decorations will be up too.


6. A map and phone

There will be a map for us to use and the Daily Challenges tab will be replaced by a phone. This phone is where we can access the Island News, the new Daily Challenge interface, check the PST time and more. 


7. New Daily Challenges

There will be new Daily Challenges, like to use 10,000 Born in China emojis in one day. That reminds, maybe we will be seeing some form of Disney advertising in the game…

Source: MikeyMichael

8. Bug fixes

It is strongly believed that the team will fix major bugs, like one where you can’t pick up the conch shell in Rockhopper’s Adventures.


I may have missed one or two things and the team might have a few more small things planned but this is all we know so far. The update will almost certainly be out on the 12th but could be the 13th depending on your timezone. 

Be sure to check back for the latest news!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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