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Club Penguin Island Catalog Details Confirmed

In a tweet, the Club Penguin Island team have confirmed how making money from catalogs will work when the new update comes out on Wednesday. 

The amount of people who buy your item won’t affect the coins you get, you’ll only get paid for entering.
We’ll need to see how it plays out first, but I’m very disappointed at this. It was what made me excited for catalogs in the first place, for everyone to try and sell their items and make some coins. Instead, it’s appearing likely you can just submit a random piece of clothing and get paid for it. 

View my thoughts here:

From the one tweet of information we’ve got, I’m not too fond of the catalog as I’m sure some people would think of workarounds to abuse the system. It also doesn’t sound as fun as some of the ideas many in the community have proposed. That being said, all we’ve got is a tweet, and we’ll need to see how it plays out! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


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