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A Look at Club Penguin Island 1.4 Rewards

Version 1.4 coming later this month on Club Penguin Island will come with a whole load of new rewards as there will be 3 new Rookie levels. Fear not though, Rookie will be coming with 5 new adventures and Daily Challenges to help you gain XP so quickly so you can obtain these clothing items, kindly shared by the trustworthy MikeyMichael (thank you!).

Pre-tied Bow Tie
Horizon Gown
Hombre Gown Vest to Impress
Floral Wreath
The Flower Tail
Clown Coat
The Punchline
Size 20s
Boop Nose
Leader of Rings
The Magical Colortail
The Earful
The Floppy
Whip Tail
Puffy Tail
Bristle Whisks
High Speed Suit
Tropical Tee
Wearable Cheese
Cheesey Cap
Pro Swimfins
Water Wings

There will also be 6 new tubes coming in this update along with new emojis:

I would like to give a massive thank you to MikeyMichael for this information, I can’t wait for the update and be sure to check back for more exciting update news!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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