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Town Coming in Club Penguin Island Soon

The amazing and very trustworthy MikeyMichael has discovered that a Town will be coming to Club Penguin Island as the first indoor room. This could be in 1.4 but it will probably be in a later update. It will be the first “indoor” room on the Island.

}, “SceneFilePath”: “Assets/Game/World/Scenes/TownInterior.unity”, “SceneName”: “TownInterior”, “SoftLimit”: 0.85, “Type”: 0, “ZoneName”: “TownInterior”, “ZoneToken”: “GlobalUI.Zone.Title.TownInterior” }

This is a major piece of news and a huge thank you to MikeyMichael for sharing it! I can’t wait to check it out, this sounds awesome!

Be sure to check back for the latest news and guides! This was just a quick post but of something very big.

-Torres 126


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