CP Island 1.4.1 Update Released

A new update has been released for Club Penguin Island on Android and it couldn’t come at a better time! The lag has now been fixed! 

I’d like to give a huge thanks to the team for fixing this as it now means many players, including myself, can finally truly enjoy all of what 1.4 has to offer! Previously, there was such fun content but it was a bad update because you couldn’t actually check out that fun content, so I’m really glad the team has fixed this!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


On Top of the Club Penguin Island Cloud

Ever since this mysterious cloud was sighted on-top of Club Penguin Island yesterday, penguins have tried to explore it. With a LOT of help of a few friends (Isidorf, Waver101 and Danar435), I have finally managed to make it to the cloud and I can say it gives you a puffle.

Just kidding, it gives coins!

This is such a neat feature and whilst I was hoping for a bit more on the cloud, you can officially crown yourself king of the island! Also was I the first one to explore this because if so, does that mean I have conquered a part of Club Penguin Island? Will Rockhopper be proud of me!?

This is such a cool discovery and I’m really hoping that one day, there’s a whole area on-top of this cloud. That would be amazing!

Thank you so much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Island Version 1.4 – FULL BREAKDOWN

Version 1.4 of Club Penguin Island has come out and whilst it is the smallest update so far, there’s some pretty neat stuff in it! In this post, I’ll be sharing everything that is in the version 1.4 update. Let’s get started!

The new CPI 1.4 logo

Rookie Daily Challenges & Adventures:

Rookie now has a Daily Challenge on Club Penguin Island! This contributes to our new level bar belonging to Rookie so we can unlock more cool stuff!

Along with that, Rookie has new 5 adventures in which we need to win the Pick of the Year Awards…no more spoilers other than that! That being said, if you’d like guides for these adventures and would like to be spoiled, please click here!

New items and Rewards:

Inevitably, with new items comes new rewards! There are three new packs for penguins to unlock and Rookie is giving out more gear too! If you’d like to see what those are, please click here.

Cars Disney Shop & Items:

Whilst the Cars decorations aren’t up yet, the Disney Shop has been transformed in celebration of Cars 3! Take a look!

Also, inside the Disney Shop, members can purchase new Cars 3 items! There are three tubes in here too, so I would definitely suggest picking those up!

Change Languages and World Updates:

In your “Worlds” tab in settings, you can now change your language directly in the app, a change that was supposed to happen last month but has now finally happened which many players will be happy about!

Along with this, we are finally able to see how busy a world is without having to actually join in first! These are two small changes but they can make a big difference!

Trampoline Mini-Game and Cloud:

There is a brand new mini-game at the trampoline! The idea is to try and jump the highest and the winner will end up on the Welcome Market board whilst the trampoline event is going on!

Furthermore, there’s a little new cloud to explore if you can jump high enough on the trampoline. It’s not exactly an area, but it’s filled with coins from what we can see and from what we have heard. This is actually a pretty cool addition and expansion to Beacon Boardwalk!

Marble Hunt:

Marble Hunt is stored in the new “Games” section of your Inventory

Marble Hunt is still slightly buggy and I’m not too sure about the concept (you only get 5XP if you get all 3 marbles which removes the competitive element since people would just make it really easy). However, it’s a fun game none the less! I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about it so I’ll explain it to you in pictures!

That’s about it in this update. The two negative things I have to say is that it doesn’t seem like a great deal – though Rookie is amazing in this update – but will it keep players active for another month? Also, a CP Island takes up a lot of storage now and is now really laggy after this update, even though hardly anyone was on. Those are my only concerns about this otherwise really cool update!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to the team and also a thank you to Cookiezitto who helped me download the app! if I’ve forgotten anything in this list, I will update it when I know of it. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

BREAKING: CP Island 1.4 is Out

BREAKING NEWS: There has been no official confirmation yet however it is believed that Club Penguin Island 1.4 is currently out. I cannot 100% confirm this but Cookiezitto tweeted some pretty convincing evidence of this, which I’d like to thank him for!

There is not much information yet but we will be keeping you updated as soon as we hear more! Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: We can 100% confirm that the 1.4 update is now out on Android!

CP Island: A New Way to get XP in 1.4

Some big news about the Club Penguin Island 1.4 update has been revealed! We will be able to earn 5 Rookie XP and 30 coins each time we play the new mini-game, Marble Hunt. That means playing this six times is equivalent to the average Daily Challenge XP.

There’s a new game coming to Club Penguin Island, and I’ve just GOT to spill the beans. Or should I say, marbles?

Marble Hunt is a game for EVERY penguin. Members can buy the game at shops, and then they can invite ANY penguin to play.

I’m going to suggest finding the best hiding spots on the island now because you’re gonna need them!

If you’re the Hider you’ll have to be super sneaky in hiding marbles in tough-to-find places. And if you’re the Seeker, you’ll be using your detective skills to track the marbles down—and you’ll have just one minute to do it!

No matter who wins, you’ll both be rewarded. The winner gets 30 coins and 5 Rookie XP, and their opponent gets 20 coins. Niiiiiice!

So, who’s ready to hunt?

This sounds awesome and makes me a lot more excited for Marble Hunt! Speaking of which, here’s a quick summary about the new mini-game.

  • Marble Hunt will be coming in the 1.4 update, which is likely to be out on June 21st
  • The team have clarified that only members can actually start the game but anyone can play
  • The concept is that you need to hide marbles and others must find them
  • Players get 30 coins and 5 Rookie XP
  • Gameplay can be viewed here

Thank you for reading and be sure to check back for the latest news about the 1.4 update!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Island 1.4 Icon Revealed

Hey! This is a short post but something that contains something really cool! tigerrkid was able to find a picture of the Club Penguin Island 1.4 logo that will be coming later this month. Take a look!

Although I do hope that the app won’t become too Disney-focused, I do like it and the Car event will hopefully be really cool! If you’re looking for some more 1.4 information, click here!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to tigerkidd for sharing the new icon! Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island 1.4 Gameplay & 1.5 Sneak Peeks

Earlier today, the Club Penguin Island team uploaded the June episode to Island Insider! This episode was shorter than usual but still had some awesome sneak peeks, which I will share later, and a community shoutout to Tech70! Check it out!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Firstly, let’s start with the version 1.5 sneak peeks! There were two different sneak peeks in the blog version and the YouTube version of the episode, so here they all are!

This does suggest some sort of Descendants promotion in July/August, which might not go down too well seeing how it was one of the most disliked parties on classic Club Penguin! But, the Blizzard Beach event looks awesome, and that is expected to begin, based off the files, on the 27th July!

Now back to the 1.4 update! We saw a small sneak peek of Rookie’s Adventures and Megg told us we would have to help prepare the Ski Hill?! Also, we can see some Cars 3 decorations in the background of this image!

We also saw some gameplay of Marble Hunt and received information that only paid members can actually start the game, though anyone can play it. It will be kind of like a Party Supply but it looks super fun! Take a look!

Megg will also be away on holiday for a while! That’s about it in this episode of Island Insider, and we’ve seen some super cool stuff coming to the island soon! I’m personally most excited for Marble Hunt (it’s like a combination of pins and hide and seek!) and Rookie’s Adventures! What are you most excited for?

Be sure to check back for the latest Club Penguin Island content!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island 1.4 Update Notes & New Tube Designs

Hey everyone! The Club Penguin Island team has revealed some information about things coming in the 1.4 update later this month! We’ve also received official confirmation a Cars event will be on the island, something that’s rumoured to begin on the 23rd June.

Firstly, in the image above, we see two new Cars-themed tube designs, some new items and in the background, some Cars wheels next to the Sled Racing tracks! The Cars event has been pretty controversial but I really like the new tubes and outfits!

Here’s what else was announced:

Everyone can:
Play Marble Hunt! Hide marbles around the island for a friend, or track down marbles before time runs out!

Explore Mount Blizzard’s new Cars 3 decorations dedicated to the Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm rivalry!

Take part in Cars 3 daily challenges!

Members can:
Join Rookie in a crazy quest to win the Golden Pick award and look cool in front of Jet Pack Guy!

Burn rubber on new Cars 3 inspired tubes with sleek Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez designs!

Create winning styles with Cars 3 blueprints, fabrics and decals at the Disney Store!

This doesn’t seem like a big amount but the Marble Hunt game sounds incredible! We’ll need to see how it’s like but right now it sounds like a mixture of Hide and Seek and pins, two things which penguins loved on the old island! This could mean Marble Hunt will be so much fun! If you’d like to see the official post, click here.

Thank you very much for reading and I’ll be sure to keep you informed about more 1.4 content as we know it!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

A Look at the Upcoming Club Penguin Island Emojis

The image above, found by Watatsuki and given permission to post about by MikeyMichael, are some of the amazing upcoming emojis expected to be released in the Club Penguin Island 1.4 update!

I suspect that the six emojis from the right will be unlocked but that the two on the left might be the reward for winning Penguin of the Week. He also found some more emojis that also look like Penguin of the Week ones.

From what we know, not all of these will be given out though. A poll on the Penguin Week emojis will be coming out next week as confirmed by Megg yesterday.

These emojis look so cool and it’ll be awesome to see them in-game! I would like to give a huge thank you to Watatsuki and MikeyMichael! Be sure to check back for the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

A Look at Club Penguin Island 1.4 Rewards

Version 1.4 coming later this month on Club Penguin Island will come with a whole load of new rewards as there will be 3 new Rookie levels. Fear not though, Rookie will be coming with 5 new adventures and Daily Challenges to help you gain XP so quickly so you can obtain these clothing items, kindly shared by the trustworthy MikeyMichael (thank you!).

Pre-tied Bow Tie
Horizon Gown
Hombre Gown Vest to Impress
Floral Wreath
The Flower Tail
Clown Coat
The Punchline
Size 20s
Boop Nose
Leader of Rings
The Magical Colortail
The Earful
The Floppy
Whip Tail
Puffy Tail
Bristle Whisks
High Speed Suit
Tropical Tee
Wearable Cheese
Cheesey Cap
Pro Swimfins
Water Wings

There will also be 6 new tubes coming in this update along with new emojis:

I would like to give a massive thank you to MikeyMichael for this information, I can’t wait for the update and be sure to check back for more exciting update news!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126