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Club Penguin Island Version 1.4 – FULL BREAKDOWN

Version 1.4 of Club Penguin Island has come out and whilst it is the smallest update so far, there’s some pretty neat stuff in it! In this post, I’ll be sharing everything that is in the version 1.4 update. Let’s get started!

The new CPI 1.4 logo

Rookie Daily Challenges & Adventures:

Rookie now has a Daily Challenge on Club Penguin Island! This contributes to our new level bar belonging to Rookie so we can unlock more cool stuff!

Along with that, Rookie has new 5 adventures in which we need to win the Pick of the Year Awards…no more spoilers other than that! That being said, if you’d like guides for these adventures and would like to be spoiled, please click here!

New items and Rewards:

Inevitably, with new items comes new rewards! There are three new packs for penguins to unlock and Rookie is giving out more gear too! If you’d like to see what those are, please click here.

Cars Disney Shop & Items:

Whilst the Cars decorations aren’t up yet, the Disney Shop has been transformed in celebration of Cars 3! Take a look!

Also, inside the Disney Shop, members can purchase new Cars 3 items! There are three tubes in here too, so I would definitely suggest picking those up!

Change Languages and World Updates:

In your “Worlds” tab in settings, you can now change your language directly in the app, a change that was supposed to happen last month but has now finally happened which many players will be happy about!

Along with this, we are finally able to see how busy a world is without having to actually join in first! These are two small changes but they can make a big difference!

Trampoline Mini-Game and Cloud:

There is a brand new mini-game at the trampoline! The idea is to try and jump the highest and the winner will end up on the Welcome Market board whilst the trampoline event is going on!

Furthermore, there’s a little new cloud to explore if you can jump high enough on the trampoline. It’s not exactly an area, but it’s filled with coins from what we can see and from what we have heard. This is actually a pretty cool addition and expansion to Beacon Boardwalk!

Marble Hunt:

Marble Hunt is stored in the new “Games” section of your Inventory

Marble Hunt is still slightly buggy and I’m not too sure about the concept (you only get 5XP if you get all 3 marbles which removes the competitive element since people would just make it really easy). However, it’s a fun game none the less! I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about it so I’ll explain it to you in pictures!

That’s about it in this update. The two negative things I have to say is that it doesn’t seem like a great deal – though Rookie is amazing in this update – but will it keep players active for another month? Also, a CP Island takes up a lot of storage now and is now really laggy after this update, even though hardly anyone was on. Those are my only concerns about this otherwise really cool update!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to the team and also a thank you to Cookiezitto who helped me download the app! if I’ve forgotten anything in this list, I will update it when I know of it. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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