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Club Penguin Times #16 – June 20

Hey everyone! A brand new edition of The Club Penguin Times is out, featuring a lot of information about things coming soon! I would encourage you to check it out online, however, I’ll be giving you a summary on the things inside it!

Below are the things coming soon:

  • Starting from the 21st June, we’ll be able to play Puffle Launch at the Pet Shop
  • Tomorrow there will also be a new pin hidden until July 5th, along with new puffle furniture
  • On June 27th, a colour vote will begin at the Dock. The competitors: Lavender, Maroon (yay, go maroon!) and Dark Red
  • Cadence is also back and will now be visiting the island!

Aunt Arctic has also given some advice about stage frights and answered some questions. There’s a lot about the Music Jam, but I’ll let you read that when you next log on!

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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