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On Top of the Club Penguin Island Cloud

Ever since this mysterious cloud was sighted on-top of Club Penguin Island yesterday, penguins have tried to explore it. With a LOT of help of a few friends (Isidorf, Waver101 and Danar435), I have finally managed to make it to the cloud and I can say it gives you a puffle.

Just kidding, it gives coins!

This is such a neat feature and whilst I was hoping for a bit more on the cloud, you can officially crown yourself king of the island! Also was I the first one to explore this because if so, does that mean I have conquered a part of Club Penguin Island? Will Rockhopper be proud of me!?

This is such a cool discovery and I’m really hoping that one day, there’s a whole area on-top of this cloud. That would be amazing!

Thank you so much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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