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CP Rewritten Times #19 – July 11th

A much awaited new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been published and it contains the colour vote results, details on the Water Party, jobs around the island, answers on puzzles and more!

Here are some of the details revealed in the newspaper, though I would suggest reading it for yourself online as I’m unable to share every page!

  • Lavender has won the colour vote and will be for sale in the August Penguin Style
  • The Water Party begins on July 19th and will last until August 2nd
  • During the Water Party, the Compressor 3000 will be located in the Boiler Room
  • The Haunting of the Viking Opera will be coming July 12th, which is today
  • There will be a Penguin Mail update today as well
  • Aunt Arctic revealed how puzzles vary in difficulty each week and that we are a club as we “can meet up with friendly faces”

That’s all for this edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times! As always, I do suggest reading it online so that you can get the best experience whilst checking out the amazing poem and artwork!

Waddle on!


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