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CP Rewritten August Party Riddle

The Club Penguin Rewritten August Party has had its first sneak peek revealed by stu…and it’s a riddle. Here’s what it is and penguins are desperate to know the answer!

As you’re walking to different rooms, you notice something underneath your feet at an angle opposite of the sun.

We do know that the answer is not Operation Blackout. Players have been hoping for a Festival of Flight party but I reckon it might be related to Card Jitsu! We already know that the mini-game will be making a return in Summer, perhaps in August?

I am super curious to know what the answer to the riddle is and I’ll keep you updated as we learn more about August’s party! Also, some big changes will be coming to Club Penguin Mountains this week so stay tuned.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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