CP Rewritten August Sneak Peeks (Festival of Flight?)

August’s party on Club Penguin Rewritten has always been a mystery, but earlier this evening, Zeus shared three sneak peeks about some of the events in August. This was the image posted.

The answer to what these sneak peeks represent is a mystery and I’d like to stress that the rest of the post is just a mystery. The only official thing shared is the image above…but I’d like to share my guess on what I think the party is.

The Festival of Flight. It took place in 2009 and is actually a highly-requested party, so if this is coming, that’ll be super cool! My reason for thinking this is that the construction worker sign sneak peek matches the Underground Pool of the Festival of Flight.

I have no clue on what the rock is but I do think the mystery stamp represents some new stamps being added to the game…well, not entirely new. I have two theories for this. I think this is hinting at Card Jitsu coming during August and of course with Card Jitsu would come new stamps! But this is all superstition.

My second is that it’s the design of what is commonly a mascot stamps. Perhaps this hints at a mascot coming to this party? In real Club Penguin, Gary visited. Maybe Gary is visiting this party too?

I’ll keep you updated as new theories emerge but please do remember that the only official thing revealed is the picture of the three sneak peeks, the rest is just my theory! I am very curious to know what the rock is though. Do you have any ideas?

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


2 thoughts on “CP Rewritten August Sneak Peeks (Festival of Flight?)

  1. I was thinking it is the wilderness expedition as I did find the rock in the image and I also think the stamp is the maze stamp I do not know anything about the hard hat hat sign…

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