CP Rewritten Times – Issue #22 (1st August)

The Club Penguin Times has been updated featuring a whole load of new content, such as a review of the Water Party, information from Aunt Arctic, mini-games, the Stage and a whole lot more!

Whilst I will try and summarise the paper, I do suggest that you read it for yourself online for the best experience!

  • The Water Party ends today (August 2nd) but many players enjoyed the decorations
  • Puffle Round-Up and Aqua Grabber are becoming increasingly popular to obtain coins
  • Aunt Arctic answered some questions on dragons, sheep and the PSA
  • A new Penguin Style with the new lavender colour will be coming today along with a new Igloo Music catalog
  • A new pin will be hidden today until August 16th
  • A new Better Igloos catalog comes on August 9th

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a hint at the future parties or when Card-Jitsu is coming but perhaps there will be some party-themed items in the upcoming catalogs! That’s all for this short yet informative post, thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


18 thoughts on “CP Rewritten Times – Issue #22 (1st August)

  1. Hey Torres! Did you know you are like my virtual (I do not mean your not a real person lol), CP bother? 😀 your very nice, and you always respond my comments with a very honest answer!

  2. I miss CP 😦 I miss fighting with my friends lol. And I miss annoying them, I miss Rocko, Luke, Taylor, Sabrina, Ryan, Skylar, Jeramya, Gavin, etc. When I played CPR, I knew I had the chance of seeing them again! And I saw, Tomi (I call him Tommy to annoy him XD) again! Well fake or real, he never changes lol

  3. You should make posts about New Super Mario Bros. Wii! Every time you win a boss, take a pic and show us! (I have that game and it is FUN! You will stay playing for 5+ hours! (I had that game since 2011-2012 XD) This week, I played with my mom, with my 7 year old friend, and his 5 year old friend (and surprisingly, he know how to play so well!)

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