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Club Penguin Rewritten: Winter Fiesta 2018 – FULL GUIDE

This party has now ended

The Winter Fiesta is currently on Club Penguin Rewritten until January 24th, with lots of exciting new items, amazingly decorated rooms and cool music!

This post will be giving you a full guide showing you where all the items and the pin are located, as well as showcasing the party room! No mascots will be visiting this party.

Firstly, you will immediately notice a catalog that can be brought up by clicking the green button in the right hand corner of your screen in the Town, Plaza, Dock, Forest, Ski Village, Beach or Cove.

In it are four items which anyone can obtain, including a lei which I am extremely pleased is available! The items which you can get are:

  • Hawaiian Lei (Free)
  • Fiesta Dress (600 coins)
  • Saturated Sombrero (250 coins)
  • Saturated Poncho (400 coins)

The first “free” item which can be obtained is the pin! This is the Taco Pin and it is located inside the Dojo by the screen on the left.

To obtain the pin, simply click it! You will be able to see it behind the bar-like pillars, and you will be offered the option to pick it up! Select “Yes” and the pin will be added to your stampbook and inventory.

Along with this, there are some free items available across the island! You will be able to find the Festive Maracas in a box in the Dance Club near the entrance to the Dance Lounge.

Simply click the box and then click “Yes” and these items will be added to your inventory! If you wear only this item and dance, your penguin will perform a cool little action too.

The next and final free item can be found at the Cove. This item is the very cool Mini Sombrero which can also be picked up for free!

Once again, you simply need to click the box and you will be offered the option to obtain this item; simply click the “Yes” option and it will be added to your inventory.

Along with this, there is a special room which will only be around for this party! If you head to the Ski Village, you will be able to enter the Casta Fiesta! It’s extremely well decorated and is extremely awesome.

The room also has a few secrets. Firstly, the more penguins there are, the more special things happen! Secondly, if you try to throw a snowball, it will turn into confetti!

That concludes the cheats/guides for this party, but there are still a few more guides which will hopefully be able to help you:

I hope that this guide helped, thank you very much for reading! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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